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A High school student starts off with just trying a cigarette, then started smoking just about one cigarette a day, then became addict, he ended up smoking for 30 years, he developed throat cancer and had to breathe through a surgically made hole in his neck for the rest of his life. Just trying tobacco as a teen increases your chances by 80 percent of being addicted to some kind of tobacco in your future as being an adult (Bratsis Michael E). Teen and even children are trying tobacco products earlier and earlier every year. Tobacco products are becoming more advanced for example: the E-Cig. Tobacco producers are coming up with new way to put nicotine into your body. Having this teens want to try the new, non-researched, tobacco products. Some kid and teens report that they are almost pressured into trying tobacco product. Also teens say its "cool" because the tobacco advertisements make viewers think that tobacco is “cool” and safe. Because of the more choices of tobacco products, the pressure to fit in, and the use of tobacco increases your chance of become addicted to other harder drugs, teens are getting addicted to nicotine more and more every day.
One direct cause of why teens start using tobacco is that there is so many different varieties of tobacco. Chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and even Electronic cigarettes are all the way you can put nicotine into your body. With such a variety of choice teens are more likely to try at least one of those choices and likely become addicted immediately (Health Effects of tobacco). Just having a cigarette is the worst choice of them all due to the fact that it has the most nicotine out of them all in one cigarette (Health Effects of tobacco), but people/Teens continue to use them. If a teen’s parents smoke cigarettes, or any kind of use of tobacco, it increases your chance of becoming addicted to nicotine greatly(Health Effects of tobacco). "My parents do it so why can I do it?" (Teen from Riddly High School), this quote shows how parents have a great impact on how teens react to tobacco.
Some teens don't choose cigarettes or cigars as their choice of tobacco, due to the smell that it left behind. So they decide to use a tobacco product that is called chewing tobacco. Teens choose this because it has no smell that is left behind, but it had more consequences than cigarettes. Another reason why they choice this is because it is less expensive than cigarette. Some State governments are now increase taxes on tobacco products to try to lower the use of tobacco. Doing this lowers the amount of teens using tobacco product. The (University of Minnesota) says that using chewing tobacco will make a person develop cancer faster out of them all. So why do it then?
Tobacco producers recently came out with a new kind of smoking device which is called the Electronic cigarette, this is not smoking it is a water vapor that comes out that has nicotine in it (Children and Teens). They still haven't came out...

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