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Contention: Contention 5 – “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Just like many, if not all of you seated here today, I was brought up to believe that everyone deserves a second chance. As of this, society has seemingly deemed this statement acceptable, and I believe it is, to an extent, ludicrous to accept the misleading message in which it conveys to society. Today, I will be covering the specifics of this subject and rebuttal against the appointed legitimacy of this statement and its implications of purposely giving the wrongdoers of the world a second chance- regardless of the severity of their crimes. Not only does this affirmation serve as an injustice to our society and all people within it, but it also promotes cheating and misdeed that can make way for various consequences to arise if it were to be applicable in real-life scenarios. Simply put, I firmly disagree with the statement suggesting that everyone deserves a second chance, and thus will be explaining my reasoning behind coming to this conclusion.

As suggested earlier, agreeing to a statement with that of a misleading, underlying message such as the one being addressed would ultimately serve as an injustice to our society and those in whom are affected by the actions of the corrupt. I now want you all to imagine this scenario for a second – Martin Bryant, the incentive behind the Port Arthur massacres that took place in 1966, in whom killed countless people at the time, including two innocent young girls, was given a second chance at freedom. Undoubtedly, this would serve as a great injustice toward not only the victims of this crime against humanity, but also society in that expects itself to maintain a sustainable, safe, and comfortable environment in which the citizens can be a part of without living in fear of other criminal threats. How can such a standard be achieved if this man, along with many other delinquents, are given a free pass to perform such hateful actions again? The Bureau of Justice Statistics conducted an investigation and had over four-hundred thousand inmates take part in it. Within the prisoners first three years of release, roughly two thirds (or 67.8 percent) of them were rearrested- That’s 274,344 people. As can be inferred from these figures, recidivism rates are at their highest, and if these people were to be given a second chance even without an appropriate sentence, I can’t see why many more wouldn’t recommit almost instantaneously. Consequently, this could potentially allow the criminals to avoid the intended consequences for their crimes and thus the individuals, groups or families in which have been victimized cannot receive the closure or reassurance they deserve, and others lives can be put at risk in the process Therefore, I stand by my beliefs in arguing against the concept of everyone being warranted a second chance.

In a world where law and order are the fundamental building blocks of societal integrity, the fine line between what is...

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