Why Evolution Is True, By Jerry A. Coyne

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Why Evolution is True is a book by Jerry A. Coyne about how modern man slowly evolved from single cell organisms. This book has changed my whole perspective of evolution. Before I read this book I was a strong believer in creation but while reading this book I realized that there are to many connections between all of earths animals. I am unable see a scenario where we could share so much of our genes with other creatures and still say that we did not evolve from other animals and were just created by a god.
What is evolution? Evolution in modern terms is fairly easy to understand. Evolution is the theory that life on earth began with a single celled organism that lived more that 3.5 billion years ago that slowly evolved into many diverse creatures over time. When you break down this theory into sections you get 6 factors: evolution, gradualism, speciation, common ancestry, natural selection and nonselective mechanisms of evolutionary change.
The first part of the evolution theory is evolution itself. Evolution itself is the idea that a species undergoes a genetic change over time to evolve into something that is very different. These differences are seen in our DNA and are considered mutations at first but slowly become the norm.
The second part of the theory of evolution is gradualism. Gradualism is the idea that it takes many generations to produce a substantial evolutionary change. An example of this change is birds gaining the ability to fly.
The third part of the evolution theory is speciation. Speciation means that different groups of creatures that cannot exchange genes with one another cannot interbreed with one another.
The fourth part of the evolution theory is common ancestry. Common ancestry is the idea that we can look back in the past using DNA or fossils and find descendants joining together at their ancestors.
The fifth part of the evolution theory is natural selection. Natural selection is an idea that life doesn’t require creation or guidance from a supernatural being. Natural selection depends only on nature in which the population will adapt to their environment while the one who are unable to adapt will die off. But natural selection cannot provide perfection but can only help the creatures to evolve just enough to be able to survive.
The sixth and final part of the evolution theory is the nonselective mechanisms of evolutionary change. Nonselective mechanisms of evolutionary change is the idea that natural selection is not the only means of evolutionary change which means that creatures naturally evolve over time even if they do not need to evolve to survive because every creatures DNA is constantly changing.
Even with these six ideas evolution is still only a theory and is not accepted as true until there is enough evidence collect to the point where it can tested over and over again to the point when all reasonable people can accept it as the truth. But the only was to do this is to test the...

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