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The Importance Of Exercise Essay

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Throughout the 21st century there has been an advancement of technology, which as a result has caused society to become lazy. Most people tend to spend most of their time sitting down in front of those new devices. This inactivity has become a real problem, as shown through the increase in several diseases and conditions: such as obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The video 23.5 Hours offers a solution to this problem. Their research revealed that 30 minutes of exercise everyday can significantly decrease the likelihood of someone developing one of the diseases that were mentioned in the video. I will attempt to show how the video 23.5 Hours is important and how it applies to me personally.

The research that was done in the 23.5 Hours video shows that quality of life increases with exercise. With just 30 minutes of exercise daily, the quality of life experienced is significantly more than if without any exercise. Because of this increase in quality of life it is important that society watches this video. Another benefit of exercise as shown through the 23.5 Hours video is a reduced risk of many diseases and conditions. With 30 minutes of exercise daily the risk of diabetes can decrease by 58%, as shown through the research in the video. Throughout the 23.5 Hours video there were many different examples of how 30 minutes of exercise daily can be beneficial. This issue of exercise becomes very important as the likelihood of someone developing one of these diseases has increased significantly. The overall level of health in society today is very poor, that’s why it’s crucial that everyone in society is made aware of this information. Life expediency has also increased with daily exercise, so that should give society another reason to exercise. The video showed a study done in Australia where they compared the life span of people who watch no TV and people who watch on average 6 hours of TV per day, and it was found that the people of watched 6 hours of TV daily live on average 5 years less. These studies show just how important exercise can be. If society is made aware of these types of studies and videos one would think they would make some change in their lifestyle. The most important thing that society should take away from the video is that with no movement, constantly sitting all day, the quality of life that is experienced will be much less than someone who stays active. With the technological advances of the 21st century many tasks now take almost no effort to perform. There are many services that are provided to society...

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