Why Failure Is Important For Success

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Many beautiful lives come from failures. If there is no failure in a person's life, his life will be

meaningless. We people might face a lot of obstacles along our lives. Sometimes, failures can be very

painful for a person to face it, but we need to get up, and we need to overcome as well as we can do.

Failure is a beautiful thing. It leads to more chances to try something new. Failures are inevitable

vicissitudes for human beings, and we need to take advantages from these benevolent failures without

lorning in them.

From “Zero”, the story by Paul Logan states some very good examples of a student life's

hardships. If a student is thinking in a wrong way, he is likely ...view middle of the document...

This is a very important point for a person not

to turn a loser. Some people succeed very quickly in their lives, but many people have passed a lot of

difficulties to be successful, and that may take very long time. I myself keep in mind that failure is a

necessity for my life, and failing very late in the process is a lot harder to fix. Finally, Paul Logan

could ignite his failures to be a fiery morale to escape from much trouble.

From “Superman and Me”, I like Sherman Alexie strong mind and his philanthropic will. He

didn't want to lose from others talked. That he thought he was lucky is a very supportive way of

thinking to be successful in a his life. That makes him happy and confident in doing many hard

things. He was also a keen reader for his whole life, and that makes him very successful. He always

thought he would succeed whenever hardships he faced all along his life, and this is an essential thing

for a person in enjoying what he is doing. He always said, “ I refused to fail, I was smart. I

was arrogant. I was lucky.” By seeing this, he always thought of himself in positive way, and he

refused to be failed. His endeavors are not only for himself but he also always for many poor

students in his life. He clearly mentioned the difference between the bright-eye students and the

students who had already failed in mood with sullen face. I felt something from his writing, how

students are poor, and how some students are ardent in studying. He haven't disappointed about

students whose notebooks are empty and with already defeated faces. They were for him to be a

superman to ram and bump the backwalls.

I still don't have big failures in my lives. But my father had passed away since I was seven,

so my family lived poorly in my native country. My widow mother was a teacher in my native country,

and she has served four children only with her little earning money, and now she is over seventy two.

Because of bad government in my native country, my native country people suffer a lot. About seventy

percent of people are in poor condition and lack of education. My family is one of the poor...

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