Why Fast Food Shouldn't Be Eaten

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Fast food may be cheap and convenient, but it is true that you get what you paid for. Fast food has barely any of the nutrients needed to sustain a human body. Food, more specifically nutrients, are essential for human beings to keep themselves alive and living. Fast food has become a staple in many Americans homes, and it should not be a monthly meal let alone a daily or weekly one. People should be wary of what foods they put into their bodies, and where said food was prepared. Perhaps, if one saw the cleanliness, or lack thereof, in some fast food restaurants, they might decide against eating there. One may think that the food can't be too bad because the FDA has standards, but it's ...view middle of the document...

An inspector in Texas found a worm in a Wendy’s salad. At a Hardee’s, a customer was handed a cup of soda with blood dripping from it. There was blood on her change as well. A cockroach in someone’s soda, a sharp metal object in a man’s sandwich."
Health inspectors have said that it's not easy to shut down restaurants because evidently their power is limited. The food in fast food restaurants can be contaminated with viruses and/or salmonella bacteria among other heath risking things. Cleanliness is important to the health of customers and doesn't seem to be taken too seriously in fast food restaurants.
Subsequently, it's no secret fast food can contribute to very serious health issues. Fast foods are very high in fat, sodium, and sugar which raises cholesterol levels and contributes to heart disease. Fast foods can also damage the liver due to the high levels of fatty acids which can cause liver deposits and eventually may lead to liver dysfunction and disease. Being that fast foods have so much sugar content, it can cause diabetes. Fast food has so many calories and such low nutrition; it's undeniable that fast food contributes to obesity. There are so many chemical additives in fast food which is not only bad for the body, but turns into fat because the body can't process them. Fast food is convenient, time saving, cheap, and there are various choices, but it will be worth it in the long run to avoid fast foods.
In addition, the fast food industry wreaks havoc on the environment. As individuals who reside on this planet, we should pay attention to how the fast food industry is ruining it. A Hong Kong study shows that a fast food restaurant making 4 hamburgers emits the same amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as driving a car for 1,000 miles. According to a landmark...

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