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In the beginning, fireflies did not always display their recognizable yellow-green glow. During a time when animals spoke like people and before humans ruled, there lived four creatures on Earth. There was the hare, the raven, the brown bear, and finally, the firefly. They lived in a beautiful, plentiful forest made by their Creator. In this land, the Sun shined every second of the day. There was never any darkness. The creatures, with the exception to the humble firefly, were arrogant and vain. They spent the majority of their days attempting to impress the Creator with their tricks, and talents.
“Everyone, look at me, look at me!” boasted the hare as he stretched his hind legs for a sprint, “I am the fastest creature in this forest!” The tiny firefly watched in marvel with the other animals as the hare sprinted from one end of the forest, then back to the meadow where the rest of the creatures lay, waiting.
“That was nothing,” the raven sang from her perch on of the oak trees that grew in their forest, “Watch this!” Then, the raven leaped off of the oak tree. The other animals gasped as they watched the raven fly a flawless figure eight above them. She landed back on her perch, gracefully, with a smug look on her face.
“Is that really the best you can do? That was pathetic,” said the brown bear with his deep, booming voice.
“Well, what skill has the Creator bestowed upon you?” demanded the hare, tapping his hind leg on the land in annoyance. The firefly watched the other creatures quietly, resting on a bright green blade of grass.
“Well,” the brown bear replied, “the Creator made me the largest and strongest creature on the Earth. He clearly cares for me most.” The brown bear sneered at tiny firefly, “Which means he does not care for you ... at all.”
The other creatures snickered at his cruel comment. The firefly cowered away from the group, off the blade of grass and down onto the dirt, where he was invisible to the others.
“Excuse me, but I was given the gift of speed! I am clearly the superior being,” argued the hare. The firefly looked up at the darkening sky. For the first time in forever, the Sun was nowhere to be found.
“Objection! The Creator gave me the gift of flight so I could be...

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