Why Frozen Fruits Are Better Than Fresh Fruits

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten and used everyday as snacks, meals, and decorations. It is needed in every individuals diet to stay healthy and function well. Fresh fruits and vegetables seem healthier than frozen fruits and vegetables because it looks better, appears natural and one could see exactly what they purchase. When one buys frozen fruits or vegetables it is enclosed in bags that doesnt allow them to see the actual product being purchased. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also easy access; it is easier to eat and there is no hassle to defrost it.
However despite the many great qualities of fresh fruits and vegetables; frozen fruits and vegetables are a lot cheaper. For the price of one pound of bananas, corns, or strawberries one could get three pounds for the same price. One also doesn't have to worry about peeling, pitting or shaving the fruit or vegetable. It is also versatile in many ways such as making smoothies, sauces, or even thawing it out and enjoying it similar to a fresh fruit or vegetable.
The benefits of frozen fruits and vegetables are far more great as it can also last up to thirty times longer than fresh fruits and vegetables. First, when they are picked they are immediately stored in freezers which prolongs the aging process because of slow dehydration cell movement, and other biological factors. Second, they dont go through the harsh handling of bad carriers of trucks and customers that may bruise the fragile foods. When the fruits and vegetables are in frozen conditions it has a strong structure and does not experience damages.
Furthermore, pesticicides and harsh chemicals are sprayed on fresh crops which affects the exterior of the fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent insects from destroying crops as they grow and sprayed again as they travel. The over use of pesticides and chemicals on the foods poses a threat on human life. Laboratory studies show over use of pesticides cause many health problems such as birth...

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