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Why Genetically Modified Crops Aren't Safe

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Ms. Miller
12th grade English
April 17, 2014
Why Genetically Modified Crops Aren't Safe.
For many years, scientists have been attempting to create perfect or near perfect genetically modified crops that benefit people, animals, and the environment. But there are many consequences when changing the plants DNA. It harms the animals that are being used as test subjects and on some occasions killed, effects other plants that are growing around the genetically modified crops, kills insects that come in contact with the BT crops that create a chemical that is supposed to kill the insects that feed on it. Farmers can't afford to pay for the crops due to the high prices, people sometimes are effected by the crops because there are still issues with allergic reactions from the modifications, internal bodily functions when exposed to genetically modified crops, animals and plants effected by GM crops, Harmless insects that are killed by bt crops. Some of the reasons ...view middle of the document...

The topic that is being explored is why genetically modified crops should not be released into the public for farming, trading, medical, and consuming purposes. Genetically modified crops are starting to be released into the public without them knowing because there are not any laws that require corporations to put labels on foods. The genetically modified crops that are engineered to ward off destructive insects were proven that they not only kill the bugs that destroy the crops, but it also kills many other insects that don't harm the crops like butterflies because they come in contact with the crop. These crops should be taken out in total because of the short and long term risks that they will bring to the world and those that live there. There have been a countless number of questions that people have been asking about the safety of genetically modified crops. Those that are for the use of genetically modified say that they are beneficial to farmers and consumers. Some crops are specifically modified to have a larger yield of grown crops, faster growing time, and not needing to use herbicides and pesticides which will save the farmer money and help the environment. Some crops are modified to become more appealing to the eye for the buyer and to also have a longer shelf life inside of stores. Even though there are some pros to growing genetically modified crops, there are more significant cons to growing them. Though the counter arguments are valid, the issues in growing the crops to fulfill the pros under weigh the cons. One of the main cons come from BT corn, also known as "Roundup ready" corn. This specific corn has been modified to produce a special chemical that kills certain pests that feed on the corn and is not harmful to humans. This chemical does more than kill the pest that feed on the corn, it also kills other insects like butterflies that come into contact with the genetically modified crop. There have also been traces of people becoming allergic to genetically modified crops that they weren't originally allergic to before being modified. This could become a major issue to people that have allergies and do not know that the crop is modified because there are not any laws or regulation on having labels on genetically modified foods mandatory. The creation and distribution of genetically

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