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Why Girls Become Strippers Essay

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Why Girls Become Strippers

For years men and women alike have wondered the same question, that is, “Why do girls become strippers?” Well, there are three main reasons. The first reason being the opportunity for monetary gain to better their future. In Ganttageep's article, “Exotic Dancing: Illusion and Fantasy, An Exotic Dancers Path to Power”, he shows this desire for money in this following quote, “When asked why they got into the world of exotic dancing many women state that money is the main reason,” (Ganttageep.) In addition, there own personal desires play a huge role in their life changing decision. Finally, previous experiences in life and their skills and attributes greatly affect girls in their decision to become strippers.

I started my search by going online and looking for articles which explain in depth the many motives that persuade a girl to become an exotic dancer. I have not only learned why they do it, but also the life they live, how it is affected, and what being a dancer is really like. I personally think the most rewarding source which I had was a girl by the name of Tiffany. Tiffany currently works at three adult bars and has been dancing for about a year now. One of my friends went to a strip club last Friday and met Tiffany. It just so happened that she was about our age and that it was her first day dancing in that club. They talked and he ended up getting her number. On Thursday of the next week she came over, not a trip of business, but one of “hanging out.” She stayed till late Saturday night, and during that time I got to talk to her a lot. During the interview with Tiffany I asked her things like, “What is it like being a stripper?” and “Do you like what you do,” (See Appendix I.) The questions went on for a little while, and then when I thought things were going good, I dropped the question. I asked Tiffany, “Why did you decide to become a stripper in the first place?,” (See Appendix I.) She told me that above all else the decision was money driven, “Mostly financial reasons.... I needed the money at the time,” (See Appendix I.) She also told me that she didn't like to strip, “I hate it, but I don't really have a choice,” (See Appendix I.), and only did it as a temporary means of quick money. Then Tiffany proceeded to tell me in our interview that many girls who are strippers are people who have become addicted to the money, “You get addicted to the money,” (

I believed that she was quite a valid source of information because she has worked at around five to six strip clubs, varying from holes in the ground to upscale gentlemen's clubs. She seemed like a great person. She was nothing like what the media and society portray strippers to be, which is a dirty women with loose or no morals or self respect. In the news article published by BBC News the following was said, “Morals are loose as it is and frankly I just want to enjoy a drink without looking at another one of England's problems dancing in my...

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