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Why God Allows Suffering Essay

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Everyone goes through suffering at some point in their lives, but many of them never really understand why a good, loving God allows them to go through this pain. Sometimes, it is even hard for them to trust God in their lives when they are going through suffering. They start to question God because if He is such a good and loving God, why would He not just take away their suffering. What most of them don't realize, though, is that God never actually wanted people to go through suffering. It was actually the fault of mankind that there is suffering because they sinned and turned away from God. Although it is not God who causes suffering, He still uses it for good. Many times, God uses it to ...view middle of the document...

Instead, they were given the chance to spend their lives with God and live free of pain and suffering in Heaven. Some people ask why God will not just take away all pain and suffering. Some day He actually will, and although He has not done it yet, there will be a day with no more pain for those who follow God and have a relationship with Him (Bible Gateway). Those who do not follow God will also be held accountable for what they have done, so God allows everyone to have to chance to come to Him before this happens. If they come to God, they will not have to spend eternity suffering. Many people also ask, "Could God not have seen that everyone would sin so much?" This is because without sin, there would not be so much suffering. God actually did know, but He also knew that there would be those who do follow Him (Bible Gateway). God saw the potential that His people have even though He saw that there would be those who rebel against Him. He knew that some would trust His plan for them and want to get a better relationship with Him, so to Him, it was worth it. Although humans caused suffering, God still allows everyone to have the chance to spend eternity with Him and no longer suffer.
Many people think that suffering causes only bad to happen, but God can actually transform it into something great. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” (New International Version). For those who are patient and allow God to work in their lives, He can do amazing things. God has a plan for everyone. If something seems horrible, but someone continues to trust God with their lives, so much good can come. God does what He knows is best

for His people. There are actually many stories in the Bible that show God doing this. One of the stories is when Joseph was sold into slavery by His brothers. He was hurt very badly by them, but since this happened, he actually became a great leader and saved many lives...

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