Why Great Civilizations Fall: The Maze Runner

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Throughout History every civilization has come to an end. Humans can not run away from these failures in their societies. Great Societies will always come to an end. Great Societies fall because the Government doesn’t make the greatest decisions they could have, they get the things they need from other countries and don’t make it themselves, and they don’t treat the people the way they would like to be treated, all of these reason could make a society tumbling down. Each one messes up on their own, some of the most common ways are the government executing atrocious decisions, such as making a decision that puts the citizens in danger. Another reason they can fall is when they get their needs from other places, this is very common and everyone wonders why, but if that country stops giving you what you need, then your society will fall. However these are not the only reasons not treating the citizens right is another common reason. When the citizens are not treated well then they will go against whoever isn’t treating them well. These are all ways societies fall. You can see these failures in the book The Maze Runner, in present day Ukraine, and in ancient Rome.

Governments make a lot of bad decisions. After a while, these decisions pile up and bring the society plunging down. It is impossible to make all satisfying decisions, but you can try by talking about the problem or the item they are voting on to other people, and seeing what the citizens believe. “They were seated in chairs arranged in a semicircle around him.” ( Maze Runner Page 152) In the Maze Runner, they only have the outstanding people of the Glade at their job, which is called the Keepers make the decisions. This could lead to a deterioration of a society as things go the people don’t get to choose who runs their area. ( the Glade). This also doesn’t let the people know the topic they are talking and voting about. This leaves the people in the dark. Humans like to know what is going on and they like people to hear their opinions and take it into consideration. The “Keepers” should begin to talk to the other “Gladers” and see what their opinion is on it, in result if they keep leaving the “Gladers” in the dark, they then are going to begin to rebel, to get their topic in on what they are voting about. In Ukraine a collection of bad decisions are being made at this time. “Yanukovych's decision to ditch an agreement for closer ties with the European Union and turn to Russia instead.” (Danilova, Heintz) In Current day Ukraine, the president has run away and left his country on its own. This is a dreadful decision. This could lead to the downfall, of a society in result of this they have no government now. They have no one to lead them. When no one is their to lead, the country is in chaos. Chaos is bad because then the people begin to panic asking questions such as “What is going to happen to the country? Will my family be hurt? Can I take charge and become the president?”...

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