Why Great Men Do Not Become President

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Why Great Men Do Not Become President

Over the course of history America has been electing the most popular not
necessarily the best-qualified men as president. The office has become a
strategic component vital to each political party. Parties sacrifice a
great leader for the man that will win the most votes. History is a record
of how we have always had had this practice. The office is full of
corruption because money and influence run the presidency. The political
leaders lie to the people that he is intended to serve.

There are many overwhelming reasons that the best man is not always chosen
for the job. They all inevitably stem down to the simple fact that a
political party in order for its survival must have their candidate elected.
In this struggle for dominance, qualities crucial to making a “great” leader
are sacrificed in order to get votes. Location, religion occupation, and
track record are all taken into consideration when choosing a candidate.
Although these factors have no effect on how a leader will perform in office
they are crucial factors in determining a candidate.

Presidential candidates can best be described to a form of selective
breeding. Similar to how farmers choose the best seeds to plant their crops
each season to grow the most food, political parties choose the best
candidates in the same respect. In order to survive and have their
philosophy be heard in the American system of government, political parties
must win elections. To ensure the best chances of winning an election they
select the best “seeds.” Ultimately though sacrifices need to made to
ensure a successful election. This is due to the simple fact that a bad
president is better then no president in the eyes of each party.

Obviously, one side always has to lose an election so what makes other
candidates prevail? Location, religion, and political goals for the people
are the most common deciding factors. Some of the other techniques were
more obvious in an example of serving in the Union Army greatly increased
your chances at becoming president. Simply being a Union soldier should not
be a major factor in determining a great leader but in the court of public
opinion it is kind of prerequisite in the elections after the Civil War.
The term giving for this was “Waving the bloody shirt.” Grant was elected
after Civil War because of his role as the leading general of Union forces.
Towards the end of an election, presidential candidates become more of a
brand name then a person. In the most recent election, Bush and Gore both
put on equally entertaining shows. While watching a HBO documentary I was
able to get a glimpse that majority of Americans never get to see. It was
the truth behind the man that is the president. The independent documentary
shows Bush running down the street choreographed with news crews to run at
the right pace, then turns the corner and gets into a waiting Lincoln
navigator. This is to help...

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