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Why Great Societies Fail Essay

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Our Earth is not perfect and everyone tries to make it perfect but they just can’t, societies fall from someone trying to make it perfect and make sure it is the best it can be, but everything goes wrong. Societies need a good leader that will not back down and choose right. But no one is perfect and societies fall from something going wrong either from having too many wars and being in debt, the leader making bad decisions for their people, or having a corrupt leader.

In almost any society they usually have a corrupt leader. The leader does good at first but then everything goes wrong. One reason is Germany (Secret Society 1) the leader of the society was nice at first and mostly everything was perfect, until he needed to blame someone or something for the war that happened. He blamed a certain race and culture for the war so then the leader and his supporters controlled all communication.(Society 1 article) Another reason is in the Hunger Games the capitol forced people to fight to the death in different districts. When they were in the Hunger games they had to try to get as much sponsors as they can for things they need.Like if they got hurt they needed to do something to catch the sponsors attention to help them survive. If they got hurt they would probably have to get a sponsor to help them heal. Lastly Rome started to build a new empire and they started to expand very quickly. They started winning wars and started to gain money. They had to take care of more people and had to create some different laws. But they started to lose wars and lost more money because of the wars they won and there army got smaller. So the people who had a war with Rome had a bigger army and a stronger army and took their land back. Also some people started to rebel about this.(Tci Section 8) People started to rebel against these things and they did not like how the leader thought that the leader did something to harm a certain group of people.

Societies all over the world have different laws and ways they treat people. But some take it completely wrong and make a certain group of people or race be treated badly, sometimes people would rebel.One reason is the society of the Roman republic fell is, there was plebeians and patricians. The patricians were people that were rich and they had more rights than the plebeians.The plebeians are people that are poor and they had less rights than patricians. Well the plebeians rebelled against the government about how the patricians had more power and more rights, and they thought they should have equal power and should not be treated unfairly.( Tci section 7)...

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