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Why Great Societies Fall Essay

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What is a great society? The key components to a great society are good economic values, strong government, and to make sure your citizens are happy. However, these societies have the opposite of that. These societies have bad laws and rules, citizens living in poverty, and they go through a ton of wars, but losing every single one. Leaving almost all of their soldiers dead. Minority of the societies getting treated unfairly, citizens rioting, dying, with no food, water, or even shelter for them. The reason why great societies fall is because of wars, poverty of citizens, and the bad rules and laws of these societies.

The first reason why great societies fall is because of the wars that ...view middle of the document...

Wars have never been kind on a society anyway

The people in the societies live in poverty. In the country of Sierra Leone, about 60% of their population lives in poverty. They live in small homes, very little food, and water that is filled with tons of bacteria and viruses. Without the proper amt. of hydration they could die very soon. In the Maze Runner, They try to make them survive in the maze, and try to get out. They don’t have a good place to stay, and many dangerous things that will kill the kids. This is dystopian because if they can’t find any food or water, they could and probably would die. In Greece and Rome, the poor were practically forced to work for the rich as a slave. They lived in little tiny huts and with little to no pay. They could only eat certain foods that were grown on the farm. If they were living on the streets, nobody would care about them. Many great societies fell because they didn’t help the citizens.

What made the government bad in being a great society was that they had unfair laws. In Rome, the poor were accused by the rich for any crime that they did. They had terrible punishments. These punishments for the poor resulted in being tortured. In the article it says “ The poor, who were often not citizens, faced harsher punishments than the rich; sometimes even torture.” ( TCI Textbook). The punishments should be based on the crime you did, not your social status....

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