Why Hamlet Is Not Fit To Rule

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Why Hamlet Is Not Fit To Rule Actions judged without empathy implore bias at the deepest root. Seldom, life experience equals the paradox of participant observation with the magnitude and malice of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Although Hamlet tragically suffers misfortune from the volition of others, his character measures in deed and thought. From the scant background on Hamlet's youth to the words of Hamlet himself, ample evidence shows Hamlet unsuited to lead. A good man of sterling character but a casualty of extraordinary morass, the Prince's impending doom is inevitable. Hamlet demonstrates all men culpable. While commendable men may remain fragile, a leader will elude encumbrance at all cost to ensure leadership. Hence, not all leaders are virtuous.Hamlet's virtues subdue his resolve to lead. Granted the opportunity, the play establishes the three following reasons Hamlet can not lead a country: a sheltered life, the deep love for his parents and an overpowering encountering with the supernatural.The play shows no intimation of Hamlet either waiting or longing to be king. By all accounts he appears content as Prince. Likewise, one can venture his childhood balanced and happy. Hamlet laments the skull of Yorick, "Alas, poor / Yorick! I knew him, Horatio--a fellow of infinite / jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times,.." (5.1.190-193). Also, he speaks highly of his father and possesses a profound closeness to his mother.This shows remarkable parenting, producing an eminently loving, respectful and faithful son. However, the sheltering of his life does not strike to advantage. Fueled by the departure of his protected childhood, Hamlet's temper severely distorts his outlook, philosophy and reasoning. The vast contrast from guarded youth to sudden misfortune devastates the Prince's world, as Hamlet's probity and grievance polarize his emotions. Moreover, preceding the ages of approximately twenty-five to thirty, Hamlet had never experienced genuine tragedy. Deducing these factors offers a starting point to further analyze Hamlet's character.In addition, Shakespeare conceals a crevasse of mystery for the ostensible change in Queen Gertrude. Conceivably.the Queen enjoyed quarters with Claudius while the late King Hamlet fought distant, gallant battles, making a puissant formula for seduction. Regardless, as time forces Hamlet to reckon the death of his father and the incestuous marriage of his mother and uncle, nascent stages of insanity appear when he can not voice his violated and broken heart. For example, concerning his mother's swift marriage, Hamlet remarks, "It is not, nor it cannot come to good./ But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue" (1.2.163,164). His internal confinement eventually explodes. Yet, Hamlet's actions deserve a compassionate view inasmuch as his burdens unfairly seek him out. Shakespeare ironically limns Hamlet a courageous yet injured character having no recourse for recovery, too...

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