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Why Has The Un Been More Successful Than The League Of Nations?

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We can argue whether the most widely represented international organization, the United Nations (UN), provides true safety for all its member states. In my opinion, there is no clear answer. When we look into the past at the League of Nations (LN), the UN’s predecessor, what can we find? It was a multinational organization trying to maintain peace by all accessible kinds of sanctions, but it used armed intervention only in cases of crisis as the last possibility.
To begin with, both these organizations emerged as a kind of feedback to great wars. The older one, the League of the Nations, is often spoken of as the brainchild of the American president Woodrow Wilson. As a 14th point of the ...view middle of the document...

The ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) incorporates other sub-bodies, like the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UN Development Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, UN Children´s Emergency Fund, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The only more noticeable, regarding its feats, institution of the League was the International Labour Organization. It achieved many improvements in conditions of labour all over the world by persuading government to: fix a maximum working day and week, specify adequate minimum wages, introduce sickness and unemployment benefit and introduce old age pensions (p. 49) .
Secondly, the UN is more devoted to securing human right, which were not involved by the LN at all. For instance, it helps to prevent conflicts of either ethnic or racial character. Setting bodies like Human Rights Council shall help all victims to commence dealing with their difficulties. “All victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to the Human Rights Council as a forum and a springboard for action.”
Thirdly, presumably the most meaningful adjustment was conducted in the procedures of the General Assembly, the Security Council and a bit of the Secretariat. Presumably, the Security Council may be considered as a controversial organ, as regards to its hierarchy. In both of the organizations the most crucial decisions on numerous issues had been done by its highest body represented in the UN by 15 members with 5 permanent and 10 rotating, whereas the League had up to 14 members up to 6 permanent and up to 8 changing ones. The biggest progress was done in the way of approving proposals. To demonstrate, decisions are needed to be accepted by nine out of fifteen members including all permanent members (The United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, France and China) conversely to unanimous agreements of the League. Equally or even more important is the establishment and consecutive use of the “Uniting for Peace” resolution. This stated that if the Security Council ´s proposal were vetoed, the Assembly could meet within 24 hours and decide what action to take, even military intervention if necessary. In cases like this, a decision by the Assembly would only need a two-thirds majority (p. 166) . This is a huge leap forward in passing schemes. The General assembly consists of all member states. During voting, two-thirds majority is needed to accept issues like accepting or expelling members or actions to maintain peace, in other cases, simple majority is enough. The Secretariat is still responsible for looking after the administrative work, preparation of meetings, translations and many other tasks, but it had also acquired the position of Secretary-General, who is appointed for five-year term. He or she is the spokesperson for the United Nations and is always at the foreground of international affairs. To keep this seat impartial, none of the major powers could be...

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