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Why Here? Why Now? Essay

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The moment that I discovered Simon’s Rock, I was inspired by the broad-minded and innovative foundation of the school. I had been spending an immense amount of time and energy in search of an institution that recognized the potential of young scholars and shifted the paradigm that one must be of a certain age before expanding their knowledge. Mid-day on January 27, 2014, I opened my e-mail account expecting to see a new message from the Brown University Summer Pre-College Program to which I was applying, only to discover something far greater than I had thought possible. In capitalized crimson letters, the email read, “START COLLEGE. NOW.” With these three simple words, I knew that my quest ...view middle of the document...

While plenty of my classmates do well in school, most do their work with the sole purpose of getting a good grade. I am more focused on absorbing the knowledge itself. There have been countless times that I have sat in class; hand raised, waiting to be called upon, only to have my question shot down because: “it won’t be on the test” or “it would take too long to explain, and I don’t want to confuse anyone.” Which, in turn, leaves me confused. What is the point of spending so much valuable time and potential in a class that doesn’t require the student to fully understand the curriculum?
Through my research of Simon’s Rock, I have gathered that it is an institution in honor of young men and women who truly appreciate the significance of an in-depth learning environment. I am one of those people. I know that I would be expected to work hard and to love what I am learning, and the opportunity to do so would be all that I could ever ask for.
Thrilled as I am for a chance at the life-changing experience that Simon’s Rock offers, I hope to develop an equally important impact on the lives of my fellow students and professors during my time there. Enthusiastic and happy by nature, I have learned that my optimism can be infectious, regardless of the circumstance. To be able to enjoy the social...

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