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Why Here? Why Now? Essay

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Senior High School for four years, apply to college, graduate, walk across the stage, go to prom. Attend college for four years, find a job, build a family. Repeat. The populace have their lives dictated to them by society from a very early age. For as long as I can remember, four years of high school has been what most of the people in my neighborhood and other communities find standard and natural. There were always those few who graduated a year early, but only to take a gap year and travel or “just relax.” Only a handful of fortuitous students and individuals have the chance to know what Simon's Rock offers and the opportunities that it makes available to its incoming and returning ...view middle of the document...

This bias prevents me from the full challenge education should hold. Being that I am going to be a senior after this summer I will have no credits that I still need, the courses I take my senior years will be fillers for my fourth year of high school, a year that I could spend at Simons Rock being mentored by teachers and influenced by the positive environment around me.
Throughout my personal and academic life, I have been seen as weird or strange by my peers. I may have been labeled this because of the amount of work, time and attention I put into school and extracurriculars. Personally, am not a big fan of labels; labels are for clothes, not people. At Bard, I will not be labeled weird because I strive for academic brilliance. I will be considered hard working and meritorious. At Simon’s Rock being smart, artsy, athletic or anything else does not make one cool or uncool. Bard means not only evolving on a social scale, but also on an educational one.
Bard is taking higher level education to a new level. It is bringing the brightest and most potent students from all over the country and allowing them to work and study together when they are ready. The campus itself is small compared to major public and private universities and colleges, but is also a better, more specialized experience because of it. I prefer the type of campus life that Bard offers than campus life at a school with 8000+ students. With campus being only four hundred to five hundred students big it encourages the students to know or meet everyone which makes the campus more socially healthy and comfortable. The class sizes are also smaller, meaning that the education is more personal: each student has more one-on-one time with the teacher and each other, and it will not consist solely of...

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