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Why High School Graduates Should Take A Gap Year?

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“Gap year” is a common word for a lot of college students because taking a one-year break between high school and college is a good choice for the high school graduates. More and more high school graduates want to take a one-year break before they go to the college. In fact, some people agree that taking a one-year break is good for those students who just graduated from high school because they can learn different life skills and new things between college and high school. Other people think that taking a one-year break is bad for high school graduates because they will forget some knowledge that they learned in high school. In my opinion, I think that taking a one-year break (gap year) is ...view middle of the document...

On a gap year, you’ll be forced to integrate into a new society, a new group of friends, and maybe even new languages or cultural norms. College requires similar adaptation skills, and you will be much more ready to handle it if you have already shifted societies once before. ” (Strutner, 2013) In my opinion, this is a reason why Jason could adapt new areas very soon. I remembered that Jason took the gap year because he wanted to earn more different experiences. In his view, people’s lives are limited; people should clearly know what is the most important thing in people’s lives. He thought that is different experiences. In fact, students can get different experiences without too much spend. The article “More U.S. students taking 'gap year' break” told us “Bull said a common myth is that the experience is only for the well-heeled, but students do not need to spend a lot of money. They can explore far-off places like the old Silk Road or trek through the Taklimakan Desert in northwestern China, but they can also stay closer to home or participate in service-oriented programs for a fraction of the cost.” (Mohn, 2010) In my opinion, students should choose the right methodologies to get the experiences. I spent almost 2 months to adapt my college’s life. I think that Jason’s sample is a good example to explain that gap year is good for students.
I think that taking the gap year is good for high school graduates because the gap year can help students more mature. In fact, I discussed the gap year with my parents last year because of Jason’s sample. My parents supported my ideas about the gap year. It is beyond my expectation because I thought my parents’ always put the education first. They told me that it is up to you to pick the best path for you because you are a big boy now. My parents believed that the gap year could help me more mature. The article “7 Questions to Ask When Considering a Gap Year” show us that “Gap year consultants, students, parents, and even...

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