Why High School Shouldn't Be Extended

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The topic of this essay is a debate in whether all high schools should be extended 2 years longer instead of being an education of just four years. The part I take in this debate would be that I disagree; I think high school should remain as a four year educational system and should not be extended. In this essay I will be providing you with opinions of others and opinions of my own to support my point of view on why I strongly disagree with this debate. I will also be including on how high school lasting only four year has its negative effects too. Last but not least I will include on what authors have to say about this debate.
I personally think that high school only lasting four years is a reasonable amount of years. In this whole four year process, high school provides you with the educational information and level you are expected to obtain. I like the idea that when you are done with high school you are the age of 18 and legally you can make your own grown up decisions. I also like how this process isn’t so long they balanced on how you can get the education you need in that small amount of time. Being a high school student I disagree that school shouldn’t be extended for two more years I strongly think that four years is a good amount of years to learn the information that is needed to learn during high school. If school were to be extended for two more years the rate of high school dropouts would increase dramatically.

High school lasting only four years has its negative effects just like every situation in life. One of the reasons why it has a negative effect is because when you complete high school you’re 18 and you are considered as an adult but that does not mean you are a...

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