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Why History Matters Essay

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Why Does History Matter?History is one of the most underappreciated subjects included in a modern education. Many students regard history as a useless subject that their school requires for some reason. What's the point of learning about dead people and what they did, when you can learn about something that will be relevant to the present and the future? New information is always expanding the field of science, and english is constantly being perfected like a diamond being polished. These subjects, vital for future education and careers, are all equally important to learn, and are what continue to push humanity upward and onward. But history… History tells us who we were, where this ...view middle of the document...

The creation of a social hierarchy, the advancements of architecture and language, the rise and fall of empires, all shaped humanity's identity. This identity is what keeps society how advanced it is. Just imagine for a minute what would happen if the teaching of history was neglected, and all that was known would be lost. The entirety of the human race would be like one vast amnesia patient. No one would be know how marvels like the pyramids of Giza or the mysterious Stonehenge came to be, or why. No one would remember the consequences of controversial actions, such as assassinations or invasions, can cause catastrophic wars that can devastate the world. The aftermath of terrifying diseases like the bubonic plague, smallpox, and yellow fever (just to name a few) would be forgotten, and necessary precautions would not be taken to ensure they do not resurface. Without these experiences that created humanity's identity, the intellectual evolution that has taken so many years to become so advanced would be stunted and possibly halted. The nostalgic, cautious, and ambitious nature of people would be lost forever.While humans were unknowingly building their identity, they were also building a mental database of causes and effects that were passed down to the next generations to teach them to not make the same mistakes they did, just like parents still do today. There's a reason that, throughout time, elders always held high-ranking positions in the community - they had been around the longest, and had learned many lessons in all their years that they could teach to the children of their community, so they could have an advantage in their future. These little bits and pieces of wisdom from elders can prevent many mistakes and mishaps from happening. In essence, history does the same thing for the world. In this case, history is the community's elder, but the community is humanity. History can tell entire countries its past mistakes, so that generation won't repeat history's mistake. As time keeps trudging along, little crumbs of events continue to be added to history, to be passed down to the next generation, in hopes that someday there will be a society without flaws, because all of those flaws will be prevented by the study of history.Almost everyone has a specific tradition between friends or family, whether it be going to a town's festival that celebrates its heritage, or going to a family member's house for a holiday dinner. No matter what it celebrates, there are traditions to be found everywhere. Some traditions are grand, such as the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, to celebrate the Buddha's birthday by bringing light and wisdom (represented by the lanterns) into the world. This tradition began way back in 57 B.C., and is still continued today. The festival...

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