Why Home School Education Is Better Than Public Education.

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A loud ring went off as the minute hand had finally landed on six. It was half past seven now as little Timmy jumped out of bed and scurried downstairs. Once he approached the dining room, he found out his mom had made him his favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs. He ate quickly to ensure that he would not be late for his first class. Once he was done, he walked quickly to another room with shelves full of books and a chalkboard. He did not bother changing into different clothes or packing his book bag. As he sat down on one of the chairs his mother greeted him, "Good morning, please open your book to page forty seven". His school day had just begun.Home-schooling is a very effective method of educating a child. There are many arguments to counter this statement. Many believe a child being home-schooled would come to lack social skills and to fear association with others. Another belief would be the idea that a parent's ability to educate a child would be inferior to the public education system because a parent usually do not have a license to teach. Although there are several other arguments to go against home-schooling, there are a lot more others to fight for the idea of it. The popularity of home-schooling had escalated over the last decade. According to the "National Home Education Research Institute" (NHERI), a staggering 1.5 million people in America are home-schooled ever since it was first legalized in 1993.A child would not lack social skills nor would the child be afraid to associate themselves with others. Home-schooling does not mean a child would be contained in a house and isolated from the world. As a matter of fact, every child needs to be educated physically, such as participating in sports. The parents would provide a form of physical education by enrolling the student to a basketball team or even a dance studio. During this time, the student would have time to associate themselves with other children.Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute explains "90 percent of [home schooled] kids play with people outside their families." Home-educated children are happier, better adjusted and more sociable that those at institutional schools. As stated in Brian Ray's reports, the average child educated at home participates in a range of activities with other children outside the family and ninety-eight percent are involved in two or more extracurricular activities such as field trips, music lessons, and sports per week.Being in a classroom with other students is not necessarily a good thing either. When a student is in a classroom, the attention of the instructor or teacher is divided amongst the other twenty to thirty other students. Therefore there are seldom any one-on-one relationship between the student and the teacher. In an age-segregated classroom, a child would not be working on his/her own pace but rather someone else's pace. This environment would never be present in any time during our adult life. In a work...

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