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Why Hunting Animals For Sport Shouldn’t Be Banned

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Why hunting animals for sport shouldn’t be banned.
Everyone likes national parks, wetlands and nature walk and camping tracks, they are peaceful resorts and are something to admire. However when people hear gunshots most hate it and hate the thought of animals being killed.
Now what if you had been told that all the money ‘D.O.C’ (Department of conservation) uses to maintain, support and conserve our natural wonders comes from hunting permits, and there is much more to it than just blankly killing animals.
The main topics are population, recreation and economy.
And I am all for this, I am a hunter myself and I am using my knowledge from my life experiences.

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Rabbits once plagued mountains and covered whole hillsides like a moving carpet, they would totally destroy all vegetation that lived low to the ground.
Keeping these numbers low has stopped all these problems so that we can improve, produce and expand.
Build back
Build back is a large and crucial process which is largely helped by laws and restrictions.
The main aspects are build back, restrictions, laws and population.

Duck shooting has its own season, May. Just one month every year, with a limit of ten ducks per shooter a day, shooters must pay for a game bird licence and permits, pig, goat and deer stalking are different, it’s all year round, no limit, however their numbers are low and are reasonably hard to hunt.
Laws and restrictions have been set so hunters cannot wipe out all animals to the point of slow or no build back

Recreational activity and lifestyle
Hunting is a lifestyle as well as a recreational activity.
The main aspects are time outdoors and another way of life
Most Youth and a fair amount of adults don’t spend much time outdoors, I myself am an excellent example of this. I spend most my own time in the comfort of my own room just like many others.
This is not good at all and this needs to change. I have found my own solution.
I have been hunting my whole life, since I was old enough to fish or hold a gun I have been out...

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