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Benjamin Franklin completed many accomplishments from childhood to adulthood. When he was just 22 he established his first printing business with a partner, Hugh Meredith. Benjamin soon bought out Hugh Meredith's share. In 1732, when Franklin was only 26 he published the first edition of 'Poor Richards Almanack,' the book shows evidence that it was successful for 25 years. 'Poor Richards Almanack' allowed Franklin to retire from business a rich man in 1748. In 1741 Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin Stove. The stove was handy for both, heating a room or cooking. In 1752 Benjamin Franklin conducted his famous electricity experiment with a kite. In 1757 Franklin returned to England as a Colonial agent for Pennsylvania. Next, in the year of 171 Benjamin began to write his own autobiography. In 1775 as a member of the Continental Congress, Franklin advocated separation from England. In 1776 Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence, in the fall he goes to France to plead the American cause. In 1778, Benjamin arranged the American Alliance with France, which soon led to the success of the Revolution. In 1783 Franklin signed the treaty of Paris which officially ended the war with Great Britain. Finally, in 1785 Franklin returned home to Philadelphia and accepted the Presidency of the Pennsylvania council. In 1771 Franklin signed the Constitution of the United states. In 1790 on April 17 Benjamin died.

Benjamin Franklin and I are alike in some ways. One way that he and I are alike is we are both always looking for something that needs improvement or a way to further our knowledge. For example, when Benjamin saw that stoves were not good for heating but only good for cooking it inspired him to make the Franklin stove. I think that this is a good quality that Benjamin had that made him successful in life. I hope that one day I can be successful just like Benjamin Franklin. That his how Benjamin and I are alike. We both are always thinking of new thing and ways to further out knowledge.

Benjamin Franklin changed...

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