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Why I Am A Great Mba Candidate

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There are very few things in life that are definitive, but I considered a legal profession to be ideal for me. Unfortunately, I had to restructure my objective and locate an occupation that would be gratifying to me for the next 40 years. After pondering, I determined that my strengths were the following: using statistics to assist growth, working efficiently to meet deadlines/goals, solving issues based on logic, maintaining a strong organizational trait to uphold standards, participating in team assignments, and conquering challenging tasks. Although none of my strengths were surprising, I discovered that I underestimated the importance of being in a position that would be challenging, ...view middle of the document...

When the apartment percentage would plummet below 98% occupancy, I had to assist the property manager in creating every marketing tactic to “draw-in” prospective tenants. As a sales associate with God First Automotive, I am able to continue to strengthen these skills. Although percentages and statistics are an imperative aspect of my daily routine, customer interaction is critical to sustaining both companies.
Another reason would be my ethical and analytical skills. Surprisingly, my current position with Shelby County Schools as a substitute teacher and an earlier position as an interventionist correlated with some business roles. The clients were the children; the goal was to achieve educational attainment. I guided tier III students with methods that taught them at a quicker pace. They learned the material in a shorter timeframe, which could provide them with a competitive edge. Along with teachers, I analyzed children’s scores to determine the level of assistance needed and techniques required. Also, I tested, monitored, and tracked each child’s growth. Like all of my previous employers, the ethical codes remained similar. Basically, I had to maintain a high level of morality and accountability to faculty, children, and parents. I considered this job to be very demanding, but extremely rewarding.
In addition, my leadership ability would qualify me as...

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