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Why I Am Attending University Essay

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I am attending university because I feel that is what I need to do to be successful. During my last few years at high school I was in every class that had anything to do with computers and film. I was sure that was the road I wanted to take for my post secondary education. During my grade 12 year other aspects of life distracted me, and I failed my Math 12 class. That was the class I needed to get into the computer course at Malaspina. Despite flopping math I graduated high school with my other classmates. I decided I was going to give it another shot after the summer. I was working part time jobs and I could take the course at the local adult education school. Once again I found it very difficult to stay on task, and eventually gave up on Math 12 for good. After all, my teachers were having a harder time with it than I was.I have always done fairly well in all of the jobs I have had over the years, so it was very easy for me to continue on working. Not worrying about my future without an education. I have proved that I can do quite well without. Raises and promotions seem to come my way fairly easily. Perhaps I was in the right place at the right time. All of that aside, I have never been able to keep a job for any length of time. I have found a way to screw up each and every one of them.I decided I would move on to greener pastures, so I moved to the mainland in search of meaningful employment. Shortly after moving there I found myself in the commercial construction industry. I loved working with my hands, getting dirty, and building giant warehouses. I waited for a year and a half to get into an apprenticeship program for carpentry at BCIT. Things were going great for me. I bought a brand new car, and for the first time I was making decent money. However, things were falling apart around me. My relationship was falling apart, and I came home early one day to find my girlfriend with another guy. I had a problem with drinking and drugs, and this put me over the...

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