Why I Am Pursuing A College Degree And Why I Will Succeed

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Education holds the key of future. And the education that college provides is the best. College is not only make us to pursue a degree but also it teaches social skills, especially the art of socializing, networking and developing important personal connections. It also offers the guidance and mentorship of professors who are experts in their fields. It is impossible to get all of these anywhere else except college.
At first, my greatest desire for attending college is to earn a bachelor degree in Finance. Bachelor in Finance is something that I have been dreaming from long since. It is the art and science of managing money. I want to establish a career in the lucrative field of finance. There is an increasing demand for finance professionals, which is why undertaking a bachelor of finance program can lead me to rewarding careers.
In addition, I want to attend college, because college offers the opportunity to meet new people, improve communication skills and become more self-disciplined. College helps to improve decision-making and analytical skills by providing various course projects.
At last, I desire to live a life that has a powerful impact and challenge. I want to leave a permanent mark on the world in lives and hearts. And college education will make my path easier and help me to stretch my aim. Boise State University is an institution which can make me reach to my goal. Excellent education system, tuition waiver, on-campus living facility, and numerous other opportunities make this university exceptional. Admission in this university will make my dream come true.

“Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go - backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough,” said by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, Overcoming the Challenges of Life. In life, we are all shaped by our experiences, both good and bad; for better or for worse. Some would argue that those who seem to have never experienced anything remotely difficult face adversity which seem to quite serious.
The biggest challenge that I faced in my life was to deal with the bullies in when I took admission in a new school. We moved to a new place due to my dad’s new job placement. I hoped for it to be an exciting adventure. I liked meeting new people and getting to know them. However, I was taken by a shock by the preceding circumstances. Apparently, I had no friends at all in the school to share my distress. Moreover, since my parents stayed occupied with their respective responsibilities I did not want to burden them with my...

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