Why I Choose To Start College

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In our society college is regarded by many people to be one of the main components to
being successful. From the moment we are small children our parents stress the importance for
schooling, receiving good grades, and getting in to a good college so that one day we can have a
fulfilling career. The father of pragmatism John Dewey once said “Education is not preparation
but, life itself” (Dewey, John Pioneers in our Field: John Dewey – father of Pragmatism,
internet) However, as adults we choose to attend college for many different reasons and greatly
motivating factors.
As with many other people I have had some trials and tribulations I have had to overcome
in life. Instrumental in me even having the strength to make it through them was my father Jerry.
After completing high school my bad choice in friends sent me to prison for three years.
Consequently, I sank into a ...view middle of the document...

Knowing that I
have to get my life to that place and college is the first set to doing that. Upon completion of my
degree I plan to open my own business, I am determined to become the daughter my dad see
when he looks at me.
Another reason for attending college is that I realize I am a role model for others in my
family. I am the youngest of five children and all of my siblings have children that I absolutely
love with all my heart. It unique to watch children grow up and before you know it they are
becoming adults without you even realizing time passing. My nieces and nephews are all
teenagers mostly now and I am starting to understand how much they look to me for guidance
and example. It’s funny to receive calls from my sisters saying “You know Julia you niece acts
just like you.” Because of this I want to get my life onto a path that I would be comfortable with
them following. I am unable to have my own children so they are everything to be and I cannot
set a bad example outside of the mistakes I have already made. I have the hope for them my
father has for me.
Furthermore I have always wanted to own my own business. My mother worked for
herself and my dad has worked for the same company for 35 years. Both always stressed the
importance of going into business for ones self. Being that I do not know the first thing about
business I really need to go to school to learn and be successful at running a business. I want to
build a company I can one day leave to my own family or to my nieces and nephews. Being
fulfilled in life is doing what you love for me this would be making jewelry.
It has taken many years of trial and error to truly get to know myself and to also
understand what would be fulfilling for my life. That’s what I want for my life the peaceful
feeling of fulfillment. Although there are many other reason for my choice to attend college these
for me are the once that mean the most to me. The path of fulfillment is the one I am setting my
life on. I know that education is going to be the key to me being able to foundation to me
attaining that lifetime fulfillment I am after.

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