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Why I Chose A Nursing Career

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Helping others is something that is a part of who I am. Growing up I used to always love taking care of my grandmother. My grandmother was a sweet person and she always asked for me to take care of her. Taking care of her made me realize that nursing was the right career for me, With all my little cousings, I would always go and get the medicine and bandages and clean up their cut and put the medicine and a bandage on it. It made me feel real good knowing that I had taken care of them. I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up but, I just started hanging around the wrong people at school and got caught up. I came to job corp to get my high school diploma and a trade. I knew that the CAN program was the best program for me. My instructors have been great in teaching me everything I need to do. I care about people and taking care of them and that’s mostly what nursing is all about. My goal is to be nurse. After I become a nurse, I want to work with little children.
There are many ways you can get a nursing degree. You can do like I plan to do and go to a technical, trade or community college and get a LPN Nursing License. You can also get a RN license from them. If you want to teach nursing or have a higher up job, you can go to a uniersity like Rust College and get your bachelor’s, master’s or higher degree in nursing. I just want to get my LPN from a community college and maybe sometime in the future after I am settled I can go back to school fro a higher degree.
Job Description
I think that the LPN nurses do a lot more work that the RN. A LPN works the floor one on one with the patients kind of like a CNA. The RN duties are mostly supervisor and giving assignments to the LPNs and CNAs. A nurse will, ask the patient about their health problems and what issues they are having, do a nursing care plan for their patients, and keep track and update the patient medical records. They take care of all kind of patient illnesses, injuries, nursing home and people who are disabled because they have a lot of needs. A nurse...

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