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During my preteen years I wanted to help people by becoming a doctor. When I was a younger teen I wanted to be a veterinarian and help animals. Soon I will finish high school; I’ve decided I want to become an animator. The reason I may not like animation is that I have a difficulty drawing. I don’t have much skill in drawing because I have very little patience and refused to practice. I am now motivated to practice drawing because I love animation and have a burning passion to start learning how to animate.

I remember when I was a child, I loved animated cartoons and I still do. I based my passion for the love of animation and have decided to become an animator. Some of my favorite animations as a child were: Tom and Jerry, 64 Zoo Lane, Magic school bus, and many more. It will be fun learning how to create animations and hopefully see one of my own on TV someday. I believe that is the most exciting part of being an animator. Seeing your work on TV must be exciting, and if your animation becomes popular is the best reward for all of your hard work.

The types of animation I hope to be working on will be 2D and 3D. With graphic design I will get a head start in using Adobe products and drawing. I’ve finally realized that practice does make perfect and will continue with drawing. I only need to finish high school and follow through with my plan to become an animator.

Before I take animation, I am going to get an associate in graphic design. Graphic design deals with creating things such as logos and websites. It will be a nice introduction in using drawing tablets for me. From my research I found that they also use adobe. Once I’m done with my associates I can get a job with it. Afterwards, I will start my animation degree. That way I will have a source of income.

I tried drawing when I was younger. I would draw for about three days, and then stop. Many of my family members and friends are great at drawing. When I tried drawing, mine looked nothing similar to theirs, I became discouraged and stopped. I wanted...

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