Why I Chose Xyz Community College

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If you would like to start your college career for a very affordable price, then Owens is the best choice for anyone to make. Owens Community College was my choice for many reasons. I have heard that Owens is an excellent school to attend if someone were trying to figure out what you wanted to do for your career or what major one was deciding to choose.I remember growing up all through my life and hearing people talk about college and their future plans, myself being just a kid, didn?t care at all, I just wanted to live life. I always remember saying when I was a little kid ? I?m going to go to Ohio State University, because they have the best football team.? I eventually found out and ...view middle of the document...

He told me that Owens was known for their excellent nursing school and how their job placement percentage was very successful. I eventually looked into nursing and found out that it paid a very good salary and it sounded like something I would enjoy and be interested in. As the year went on the profession of nursing became less interesting because in order to become a nurse one must take advanced math classes, and I?m extremely horrible at math.I?m usually known to procrastinate important things, like choosing the college I want to attend. So now here I am, not knowing what to choose for my major or where to attend college. There is only about three months left of high school and I have not applied to any colleges and the time frame for applying to any four year school is getting very close to ending.As the last few months of my high school life went by, I was getting very nervous not knowing whether I would be going to college at all, but then it happened. One day I was sitting at home and I received a phone call from the head coach of Owens soccer team. I always wanted to further my soccer career, but the offers I had received from other colleges just did not interest me, so I decided I wasn?t going to play any where, until I talked to the Owens coach. He had offered me a scholarship to play for his team, so I would basically be going to college for free.Now my choice for college was definitely going to...

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