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Why I Think Gun Control Is Not Effective.

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Gun ControlThe government has placed many gun control laws, but some of the laws were made to make the general public feel safer. For instance the government banned a handful of assault riffles when they are not even used for most gun related crimes. The government also administered another law called the Bradey Law.The Bradey Law makes a five day wait on the purchase of a handgun so a check can be run on the person's background. None of these laws have decreased the amount of deaths caused by hand guns. The media also plays a part in more laws being passed against guns and ammo. The media helped to have a bullet that pierces bullet- proof armor get banned, but the bullets were made especially for law enforcement and licensed dealers. All of these laws should be considered unconstitutional because it goes against the right to bare arms. So these gun control laws should be stopped. They should find other ways to deal with gun related crimes and violence.This country was founded on the people of the country owning guns to protect what they think is right. The constitution gives the people the right to bare arms and protect themselves. Any law against guns should be unconstitutional but the laws were made because it is what some people want.The ban on assault riffles took effect in the may of 1994. "Nineteen assault-style weapons and broad categories encompassing many more semiautomatic firearms..." were among the many weapons that were banned. The guns that were banned were only used for three percent of all gun related crimes in 1993. Most of the crimes...

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