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Why I Have Chosen The Teaching Profession

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Why I Have Chosen the Teaching Profession

When I think of becoming a teacher I would like to imagine or hope that I would be “turning the key” for a student of mine to become something great. I have been soul searching for many years now to have a better understanding of what I am suppose to do in my life. I have worked in so many jobs in so many areas but nothing was fulfilling my life with any amount of meaning. I found myself not wanting to go back the next day or wishing I were somewhere else. Well I guess everyone does that is what I would tell myself.

Until a couple years ago when I was working and living in Las Vegas. It was there that I finally realized what I had been searching for in my life. I was spending a lot of time with a co-worker who had children in the school system. I vividly remember hearing her children say “the teacher’s don’t care.” This was shocking for a child who was in the fourth grade to be saying to me. I guess because I had a great experience in school with wonderful caring teachers. My memories of school are a little blurred with age but I do remember looking up to them as role models. Especially, my eighth grade English teacher who was the first person who ever told me that I was a beautiful writer. She encouraged me to continue to learn as much as I could about becoming a good writer. I still see her from time to time and she asks if I am still writing. I always say yes, but the last time I saw her, I got the chance to tell her that I am also in school to be a teacher. She is very happy for me.

Therefore, my school experience being so positive I had not thought what it would be like if teachers did not care. However, the most important thing is --that I remember saying to the fourth grader “if I was your teacher I...

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