Why I Join The Army (Describes Entering Basic Training And Why I Joined The Army) Asu Rotc Essay

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BrieAnna Williams
November 9,2017
Captain Mooney
One Boot At a Time
I felt my heart pumping out of my chest, as I raised my right hand waiting to repeat the oath. I couldn't believe I was actually joining the army. I stood there standing at the position of attention and reminisced of all the choices I could have done other than give my life away for eight years. All the voices playing through my head made me not want to follow my own decision. “You are smarter than this” I heard my mom’s voice say. "You are not strong enough” said my brothers voice. I heard the words repeat after me, and I realized it was to late. I repeated loud and strong the oath and in the end I felt a joy of relief knowing I was now becoming an American Soldier.
I walked with my head held high and waited on the van to take me from Montgomery, Alabama to Fort Jackson, North Carolina. I was nervous but I was not going to let anyone around me know. I kept in mind my grandfather telling me I needed to get as much sleep as I could because I would be in hell for the next few months. I woke up half way there where we were stopping for a latrine break. I used that time to call my mom since I hadn't talked to her since I left the house. I dialed the number in a hurry while waiting on her to answer the phone. “Hello” said my mom who had taken forever to even answer the phone. I’ve been calling you, what took so long to answer. “I am busy” she said rushing me off the phone. I told her the love I had for her and I hung up.
I was constantly second guessing myself about what I was doing and if this was what I really wanted to do with my life. President Kennedy is well-known for his quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” For many people who join any branch of the military this quote holds true, however, this was not any of the three...

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