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Why I Left For The City

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Dearest family,
As you are reading this I will be living in New York City. I have always talked about leaving Dayton, so I guess you knew this day and this letter were coming. I have always dreamt and talked about moving to a city where there are more adventures waiting for me. New York City is perfect!
You could never believe how different it is up here! Every day I see someone from a foreign county speaking some new-to-me language. I sometimes feel like I have moved to a foreign country. The buildings that are here in the city are so different also! There are buildings called skyscrapers that are so tall they seem to touch the heavens. They have started work on a new skyscraper they say ...view middle of the document...

Women here act like they wanted to be treated as men in some cases, I think it is all to do with women now being allowed to vote.
After work me and some of friends will get all dressed up and go to a movie palace. We went and watched Lights of New York which is the first all-talking movie ever made. I got goose bumps watching it. Some nights we go to dance halls where we dance the night away doing the new ‘foxtrot’ or ‘Charleston’ dances. They are so much fun, by the end of the night we are so exhausted. And I cannot forget about the wonderful times we have at Coney Island. We will go there on the weekends and spend the day at the amusement park or playing at the beach. Many people are very frightened of the roller coaster because it goes so fast, but it is my favorite ride. The amount of automobiles in New York City is unbelievable as well. I read in the New York Times that in the last couple of years the numbers of car owners have more than doubled. Alongside that though are the amounts of automobile related deaths which are now up to over 2,000 deaths in a year.
This is for sure the biggest and loudest place I have been to. New York is a city ran and powered by the young people. There are parties every night; especially at a man named Gatsby’s who lives on long island. There are speakeasies on every corner and no one here seems to care that drinking is illegal. I have developed quite a taste for the new jazz music that is so popular up here. I just know how my grandmother would react knowing that I like this new music so much. One cannot travel from street to street without hearing some young guy out playing jazz for money just panhandling on the street. My favorite of the new musicians would have to be Louis Armstrong; he plays the trumpet like I have never heard. Nearly every home in the city has electricity, which is such a drastic difference from home. Many of my friends don’t believe me when I tell them that only one in ten people who live where I am from have electricity.
One thing I was looking forward to leaving behind was the racism that was in the south; however, that has not been the case. Many people up here are very racist and resent the businesses hiring African Americans over whites. It’s not just African Americans that the Northerners don’t like, but also the overwhelming population of immigrants. Ever since President Coolidge signed the Johnson-Reed act people treat the immigrant’s worse. The other day one of my friends was telling me a story about a trial just last year where the two men named Sacco and Vanzetti were executed, it is widely known, just because they were Italians, not born here, and were anarchists.
Even though the African Americans are still, in some cases, treated unfairly you would be surprised to see how differently they live here than at home. In New York, an African American can be seen as artists in their own rights. There is a certain craze going on right now, as I write to you, where all anyone...

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