Why I Want To Become A Physician University Of Mississippi School Of Medicine Class Of 2014 Personal Statement

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“It is always better to light a candle, than to simply stand idly by cursing the darkness.”
These words were chosen by John F. Kennedy in order to convey a simple yet powerful message
to a nation demanding relief from elevating domestic violence, racial discrimination, impending
war in Vietnam, and fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, all of which the public believed to
be insurmountable. Despite this popular belief, Kennedy offered this short phrase whose powerful
message was that the only true way for the nation to actively induce change and begin to
accomplish its goals was for each individual to overcome his or her fear of the unknown with hard
work, sacrifice and determination. The resounding moral of this phrase is that nothing worth
accomplishing in life is ever easily achieved. To me, this message is particularly applicable to
anyone seeking a career in medicine and my personal life experiences have given me the desire
and drive to overcome any fear or adversity standing between me and accomplishing my goal
and dream of becoming a physician.
The origin of my understanding of this message is rooted in growing up under the
guidance of my father. My father has always pushed me to give my personal best in everything I
do. However, he did not motivate me with words and scorn but, rather, by giving his personal best
in any endeavor he undertook even in the face of obstacles that would cause most people to give
up and curse the darkness. His father abandoned him when he was 2 years of age and, despite
the family struggling financially, having to help care for his siblings, working to help provide for the
family, and being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 14, my dad still excelled in school and
managed to be a star football player and great martial artist. Despite having his colon removed
because of the progression of his disease, which caused him to miss his senior year of high
school, my father went on to get his GED, gain acceptance to college and obtain a BSBA in
accounting. From there, he became a CPA, a husband, devoted father, and then later graduated
from law school with honors. My dad has always worked hard to achieve his goals even in the
face of overwhelming adversity. Thus, he served and continues to serve as my role model for the
way I approach my life.
My next indelible experience not only contributed to my understanding of President
Kennedy’s message, but also caused me to face the fear of death, initiated my curiosity about the
human body and sparked my passion to become a physician. I became very close to my
grandmother during the time my mother, my brother and I lived with her while my dad finished law
school. Even after my dad graduated, she was always involved in my life. Tragically, when I was
12 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite the best efforts of her doctors, the cancer
spread to her brain.The woman once so full of life and love became confined to a hospital bed.
Watching helplessly as she lost...

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