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Why I Want To Get A Master In Science Of Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose

I first experienced the intense emotion of proudness that a creator would feel when his creation works, in my second semester of undergraduate studies, when the wall follower robot that I designed and built using simple logic gates worked like a charm. Digital data from the three sensors on the robot were providing the robot with sufficient surrounding information for it to follow the wall autonomously, without human intervention. Since then, my interest in building intelligent systems has continued through my education, projects and work experiences. This has motivated me to apply for Master of Science in Computer Science with focus on Machine Learning at .

The excitement of seeing the robot work flawlessly made me study microcontrollers and microprocessors before it was formally introduced to us in fourth semester, in order to build a microcontroller based robot. This new robot, gave me the flexibility to use the same hardware, but experiment with different logic. While programming the robot, after several iterations of coding and flashing the system, I realized the practical advantages of modular programming. I then created modules per microcontroller peripheral and used the relevant module, based on the requirements of the project/problem statement. Using this robot, I participated in several inter-collegiate fests.

In the summer of 2009, I joined Project Vyoma, a research project at RVCE to design Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and worked under the guidance of Dr. Ravindra S. Kulkarni. This exposed me to a system which was orders of magnitude more complex than what I had worked on before. Along with four other members, I started a new Avionics sub-team with a goal to capture more flight data by adding more sensors to the UAV, in order to optimize the flight performance. I worked on data logging system which captured data during flight from various sensors like GPS, pressure sensor and inertial measurement unit into an SD card to be retrieved later for analysis by aerodynamics team. This data helped us improve the flight performance from 18th place (2010) to 8th place (2011) among 70 teams from all over the world in the SAE Aero Design event at Atlanta.

During my final semester, I worked with two other members on Development of Controlling and Stabilizing Algorithms for a Quadcopter using LPC2148 ARM Controller under the supervision of Dr. Hariprasad. This project aimed at stabilizing the quadcopter using PID control by correcting pitch and roll errors caused by external disturbances. My work in this project involved coming up with a mathematical model of a...

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