Why I Want To Go To College

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I want to go to college for the wholesome intellectual stimulation and to get more involved with my community. College will be my last opportunity to do so before I enter the work force. At college I can be intellectually and academically challenged; I will be able to learn with friends who are as dedicated to learning and the pursuit of knowledge as I am. My goals in college are to acquire the skills that I need to lead a successful and productive life, to expand my knowledge of the world, to step out of my comfort zone, and to become more proactive.
I am currently planning to attend Richland Community college and graduate as a registered nurse. The reason I chose this career is because helping out others has always driven me forward. I want to study something that I know I will be content doing for the rest of my life and registered nursing is the right choice. Being a nurse has a many perquisites, but my ...view middle of the document...

The health field fluctuates very often, which means that the job will be changing up a lot also. In this way I know that there will be no chances of me getting drained or bored of my job. I am looking forward to learning new things every day whether it’s a fact about the human body or if it’s just a new technique to do something with more ease. I have read that at times workers have the chance to switch departments; I believe this is great because it gives nurses the opportunity to learn more and it awakes curiosity within us.
The medical field is hierarchical. I am looking forward to putting in many years of work to gain knowledge in this field. I enjoy knowing that I can advance through this career by making an effort. I will get more opportunities to do fascinating tasks and earn a higher pay. As long as I work for it I will be able to reach my goal to sooner or later get masters or even a Doctorates in a more specified area.
I have never anticipated something so much as I anticipate wanting to go to college and getting my life started in this vast enthralling field. This will be a job that will give me pride. Being able to help people feel better, no matter how small the issue maybe will always give me a sense of glee. Not only that, I will also be making family happy which is something I definitely have always strive for, and what better way to do so then by attending college and demonstrating that I am capable of learning various things and expanding my horizons just by working hard to obtain my goal.
As we all know, I will only be able to achieve these things by going to college which is why I strive to attend one right after high school. I would like to start my life as soon as I can. College will be a connective for me. I want to thoroughly experience something different from high school. I believe college will be the change of atmosphere that will permit me to expose my potential by working among others with analogous objectives. Once in college, I can finish maturing and I can gain individuality, through this I will gain the ability to someday maintain myself with no problem.

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