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Why I Want To Study Software Engineering And Language

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Statement of Purpose

In the words of Edsger Dijkstra, “Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!”. Along with these wise words, my personal experience in the field of application development and testing, has made me realise that it is better to avoid a mistake than to correct it. This calls for a better software engineering process coupled with language verification, quality assurance and management. In addition, for the benefit of potential economic growth, a scalable system is also a requirement from the software. This understanding has pushed me to pursue my Graduate Study - Masters in Computer Science, with ‘Software Engineering’ and ‘Programming languages’ as my areas of interest.
During my under-graduate studies in Computer Science at Uttar Pradesh Technical University, subjects like ‘Compiler Designs’, ‘Principles of Programming languages’ and ‘Introduction to Web Technology’ were the ones that interested me the most. I designed and tested a simple function reading and mapping language using ‘JavaCC’ as a hobby activity. The sense of exhilaration I felt to see my own creation compile successfully cannot be described.
My first research project in the field of computers was on the understanding and simulation of ‘Denial of Services Attacks’. To learn a new programming language, i.e., embedding Objective Tool Command Language (OTcL) with C++ in a new Operating system platform – LINUX, was a challenge. I was determined to broaden my domain knowledge. Therefore I successfully completed the research project while getting accolades for my team building and leadership skills.
After my graduate studies, I got recruited by Infosys Limited after multiple rounds of technical and managerial interviews. At Infosys Ltd., I underwent specialised training in using C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, PERL and HTML. Parallel to this, I also took up UNIX Shell scripting. My first project was ‘Agent Compensation & Reporting System’ for a top Insurance company in United States of America. My work involved requirement analysis, designing, coding and testing of modules responsible to feed data to a computational software module. We designed and tested ‘Data Integration’ modules to convert the data from various sources to the input...

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