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Why I Want To Work In The Medical Field To Impact People's Lives

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I have experience in the medical environment, and when two of my grandmothers took ill I helped them along the way. My heart is good, but the devil never fails to steal my joy. I am also a mother of four beautiful young ladies, so yes I also have a lot of patience. I treat most of my patients like they were my own family. All of my patients get my respect. It is owed to them and they demand it as well. Having compassion, being king, understanding, helpful, staying prepared and willing are all just a few personal attributes that one should have when dealing with patients.
Dealing with difficult patients I would say is just like dealing with children in a way. When they want their way, they will cry, scream, and do just about anything to get your attention. When I am dealing with a hard patient, I will remain calm, respectful, and compassionate but yet still in my scope of practice. If I am unable to help the patient, then I would find someone who could help that patient’s situation.
Sometimes when a patient is being difficult, it is because they might need something like pain management or may be just a little conversation with a little tender loving care. Once when I worked as a Phlebotomist, I was walking past a residents room when I hears here crying for help. I told the Certified Nursing Assistant that was in charge of that room, she said,” She is always crying about something girl”. When I came back the next day, the resident was expired and I had already told on that C. N. A. about what happened the day before. After that the C. N. A. was under investigation and later went to jail. What happened was the residents’ oxygen was running low as she was calling for help. She could not ring the nurse bell because it was on the floor.
I am a team player almost one-hundred percent of the time. I do not mind being a team player, infact I love it. Being a team player for me means assisting my other teammates. We all have one goal in mind, and that is winning. When I am apart of a team, I love to cheer everyone else one. I get so excited when I am a part of a team, nut it never fails there will always be someone who really doesn’t want to be apart of the team, so will do the opposite of what we are doing. Or, they won’t do anything but will get credit for it because the rest of the team doesn’t want to get into a quarrel about it. I don’t like working as a team if everyone in the team is not a willing participant.
That brings me back to working with a difficult patient. When a patient is being difficult they are not being a team player per say. True, they are not apart of the Nursing team, but they are the focus of what the Nursing team is here for, to take care of them.
You have to be educated in your scope of practice to able to help out your patients inmost situations. For instance, if you have just finished using a needle or syringe, you should put it in the sharps container so you, your patient or no one...

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