Why I Want To Apply To Tusm.

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After spending almost four years at Temple University as an undergraduate, the idea of continuing my education at Temple University School of Medicine more than intrigues me. Throughout my undergraduate career at Temple, I have made the effort to get involved in the Temple community and have enjoyed the connections and relationships that I have created with Temple faculty, staff, and students. Beginning in my freshman year as an executive board member of the 1300 Residence Hall Senate and continuing with my current involvement in AMSA and employment in the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies, I have interacted with various members of the Temple administration and found that each of them are willing to go out of their way to help me and continue to challenge me to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself. In addition, other students at Temple have enhanced my learning experience through group study as well as opened my eyes to a variety of diverse cultures and points of view. As a result of these encounters, I believe that remaining the Temple family will be beneficial in my medical education.
Due to my pleasurable experiences as an undergraduate at Temple, I explored the TUSM without hesitation as an option for my medical school education. When I investigated the curriculum offered, I was very interested the doctoring course that runs throughout it. I feel that the integration of the curriculum with clinical skills is an critical part of medical education. From my undergraduate years, I know that this is the way I learn, and I believe that I would excel in this course as well as perform better in the basic science blocks. To further pursue my interest in the TUSM, I attended a panel of medical school students including many from the TUSM and visited the campus on two occasions. During the medical student panel, the students spoke highly of the doctoring course and talked about the schedule of classes at TUSM. They informed me that classes typically took place from 8 am -12 pm, which has somewhat been my preference during my undergraduate years. I prefer to wake up earlier in the morning and finishing class by lunch time. This way, I am able to...

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