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Why I Want To Live In Japan And Teach Children

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This program involves everything I would want in a career/experience. This program would allow me to take enjoyment in educating children as well as learning and beholding one of the most historically prosperous country. In my own employment experiences, I determine that I am happiest helping for the volunteer programs involving children. I am excited to have a chance to work with children as well as fulfill my love of history, art, and culture.

I have spent most of my adult life working in a job that I take very little joy from. The joy I have experienced in my current employment is helping others and providing them a reason to smile. What can top that feeling I get from helping an adult customer? Helping the children understand a math problem or seeing their face when they realized that they have read a page out of a book. Seeing a child face light up when they are having fun but learning as well. It is a great experience to get a child excited about learning. Their excitement builds my own excitement. Through out my years in high school I looked forward to going to 4-H camp as a counselor. I volunteered at the local club when I was old enough to do so. I knew it would be full of responsibilities to take care of and watch over children. It took patients and endurance to walk in the hot sun for most of the day doing nature walks but it also takes patients to encourage children to try new things and continue the path to have a great week at camp. The first year, I guided swimming and then I taught arts and crafts. For those years at camp, I was able to share something I love. It is absolutely rewarding. I also have the great experiencing in teaching and preparing basic skills to an eight year old child. Jordan and I met once or twice a week. We spent many days practicing math and reading. We worked together to push ahead his reading level. I tried several methods to find a beneficial method in reading. It was like a puzzle. We trained very hard for the whole school year. Even though the work was hard, we both had much fun together. We modify outside games to improve spelling and reading skills. I allowed him to pick books of his interest. He learned beyond his grade level. I learned children...

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