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Why Iago Did It Essay

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One of history’s most manipulative and oldest villain is from a Shakespearean Tragedy entitled Othello. At first it seems as if the titular character will have the main role of the story, but the antagonist is clearly pulling the strings. Iago, tricks the titular character, Othello, and the rest of the cast, and with such eas to the point where it can be viewed as just a series of pure chances and luck happening at the right moments. But, there is more to the play than just how Iago manipulates, it is why he decides to do so. There are two explanations that are explicitly stated with the text as to why Iago goes through with his plan. Firstly, Emilia, Iago’s wife, had apparently slept with ...view middle of the document...

Iago ruins Cassio’s reputation and gets him fired. Shortly thereafter, Iago is promoted to lieutenant right after Cassio’s job got revoked, but Iago still goes through with the rest of his plan. Why does Iago do this? What possible reasons could there be to explain his motivation? Other reasons are stated within the text, but not through his words rather it is his actions that make this motive out of the question.

Another reason that Iago went through with his plan is because he was jealous of Othello’s wife, Desdemona. Iago is married to Emilia and he often belittles her, but Othello is married to Desdemona and she is the object of envy to all, yet Emilia is not. Iago is mad that someone of Othello’s race can get Desdemona to love so dearly, so he goes through with his plan. In Act V, Scene 5, Othello smothers Desdemona to death, and Iago stabs Emilia, for telling everyone his plans, and Iago still tries to go through with the rest of his plan.

The most likely reason for Iago’s motivation is that he is overcome with jealousy of Othello, because his youth, wife, rank, and mostly skin-color. Othello is younger than Iago, and yet Iago does not have the higher position. Instead of Iago trying to obtain a higher rank in the Venetian army another possible motive is that Othello is a higher rank than Iago. Othello is in a higher position, and he was just passed over for a higher position after he had bribed officials. Iago wants to get promoted, at least to lieutenant, and so starts a plan or scheme to get promoted. He does this by ruining Cassio’s...

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