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In my family everyone has either been a nurse or a teacher, and since I do not have the stomach for nursing it was automatically assumed by everyone in my family that I would become a teacher, but you know what happens when people assume something, it never happens that way. Everyone thought that I would become a teacher because of my love for English and the affection I have for my nieces and nephew, but there was no way I was ever going to walk in a classroom as a teacher. But for the life of me I keep having this dream: it is the first day of school, I walk into the class and suddenly the class gets eerily quiet, I go to the chalkboard and write my name on it, then I turn to the class and say "good morning, welcome to your first day of English, I am Ms. Green your teacher." Then the students look at me , appearing to be completely uninterested by the fact that I am their teacher, and they continue to talk to one another. I am standing there trying to get the attention of the class but it is useless, defeated I slowly turn towards the door to leave, when all of a sudden I hear one of the students say "isn't that Marlon's aunt, aye she's chill yall." smiling I turn back around to twenty-five attentive faces eager to learn the likes of Shakespeare, Poe, Browning, Baldwin and all the other authors that influenced my life. I say a silent prayer to God thanking Him, because luckily half of my class spent most of their time at my house playing video games, football and basketball with my nephew.Eagerly I tell them to write about their most embarrassing moments. They start writing almost immediately, with only a couple of groans, but within minutes the only sound in the classroom is that of pen on paper. I sit down at my desk realizing that the moment that I have dreaded for years has actually happened and it wasn't all that bad. Smiling to myself I get ready for an interesting school year, because I know I have earned the respect of my students, I have their undivided attention to teach them with care, and hopefully they will leave my class with hope, understanding and a new appreciation for reading something more than the latest issues of "Source" magazine.Education is basically the knowledge developed by learning. It is the most important tool for human advancement; the right execution of such tool assures the quality of life within a society. The significant purpose of education is providing general background knowledge in various fields making us well prepared and well equipped to face the real life and effectively participate in building up the standards and the statuses of our societies, in other words, education works as the foundation upon which the society is built and functioned, and teachers are the driving force behind it. I have always wondered about teachers and what drives them to teach. It has been a fascination of mine for a while now. I already knew that they were dedicated and underpaid. I knew that they had to have patience,...

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