Why Ireland Is Not Free Essay

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Why Ireland is not Free

Ireland has been in a civil war for hundreds of years with Northern Ireland because of Britain taking their independence. In the middle 19th Century the United States was also in a civil war. The Unites States civil war lasted for four years, 1861-1865, while Irelands has been going on for over a century. The United States civil war was quick and to the point, the United States knew what had to be done and they did it. While over in Ireland and Northern Ireland the civil war has been just an on going bickering for who deserves what and whether Britain should leave their land. When over in the United States they got an army, took their land, and didn’t have time to bicker. While in Ireland it’s just terrorist attacks they are dealing with. They won’t just settle the problem with Britain to make their land free again until they get back the money they think they deserve. This has all been going on because Britain was given Irelands land back in the 12th Century. Ireland has been struggling for freedom throughout history.

Britain will not leave the nation of Ireland until it gets back what remains of British economical investments in the northeast of Ireland (Metress 149). Ireland had always been ruled by Britain but it wasn’t until Ireland voted to be a free nation, they were denied, and they started to fight back on Easter in 1916. According to Golway, James Connolly, the leader of the Irish labor movement, “demanded an end to mere talk of revolution” (224). This did not help the Irish like they attended it too. This only made the split of the two nations worse. Britain still thinks there are many things in the nation of Ireland that are still theirs, and believe that there is money owed from the past. Britain even to this day still has British troops at the entrance to Belfast in Northern Ireland, and there better be no resemblance of an Ireland flag on anything.

One big historic man in Ireland after the Easter massacre was Sinn Fein. After the Easter massacre there was only one surviving commandant, Eamon DeValera (Metress 91). Fein decided to make him President of the Republic because he believed that a man that was willing to die for the Republic was a good man for the job. After this two-thirds of Ireland voted for Republic this made Fein rebel against Britain rule, and he came up with the Republic of Ireland (Metress 91). He decided to get his followers behind him and stand up to the British rule. He did not understand why if two-thirds of Ireland wanted to be free then why they could not fight for their freedom. Fein was one of the heads of the IRA and he had politics and eyes in both Ireland and Northern Ireland trying to know what was going on at all times (Golway 310). If anything happened towards the British Fein was the target. He was the nemesis of the British party.

Fein was not the only mad Irish man after all the drama with...

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