Why Is A Solution To The Israel/Palestine Conflict So Hard To Achieve? Answer By Analysing The Key Issues Preventing A Solution To The Israeli/ Pa

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Israeli–Palestinian conflict could be described as a clash that between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs as they attempted to compete the same piece of land briefly (Dowty 2008:1, 4). The reasons that prevent a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem will be discussed and will be divided into three parts, Israeli reasons, Palestinian reasons and the common problem between two countries.

In terms of Palestinian reasons, there are three reasons, the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 181, consequence that Israel was established in 1948 and settlement policy is enforced in Palestinian territory by Israel.
For the UNGA Resolution 181, Israeli occupied more territory than ...view middle of the document...

Jamal al-Husseini who is a vice president of the Arab Higher Committee maintains that they against Jewish state advent in their state drastically (Karsh 2009: 6). Therefore, the Palestinian Arab community – Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon… attacked Israel. Half of the population of the community became refugees and 20,700 square kilometers of Palestinian land were occupied by Israel (Karsh 2009: 6; Glass and Kark 2013: 75). The reasons that Israel occupied Palestinian land are because of David Ben-Gurion's command and Zionism. Gurion was affected by a Zionist founder, Theodor Herzl's idea "to spirit the penniless population across the border" (Tilly 2008: 6). Therefore, he commanded the military to expel Palestinian from their land and then occupied them (Tilly 2008: 6). Zionism, the ideology that ask the Jews back to their homeland, Palestine from everywhere in global.

For settlement policy which enforced by Israel, Israel is keep expanding their territories in Palestine. In global, settlement policy is an illegal Israeli communities which have been built for its citizens since 1967 as Israel occupy the power of the occupied territory and migrate its citizens to live in for political reason (AFSC 2014). By building more settlements, lower the chance of withdrawing from Palestine when there is a negotiation (Jacques 2012: 80). More than 450,000 citizens were lived in the East Jerusalem and the West Bank in 2007 and the freedom of movement of the 30% of the occupied Palestinian area were restricted by Israel in 2001 (Jacques 2012: 80). Besides, United States’s suggestion of expanding territory in Palestine, back to pre-1967 lines and settling Palestinian refugee problem were rejected by Israel recently. This made Palestinian angrier as these show that Israel refuse to have a peacefully relations with Palestine.

In terms of Israeli reasons, there are Fatah in West Bank which is a terrorist institution cooperates with Hamas in Gaza and international forces are not reliable to secure Jordan Valley.
For Fatah cooperates with Hamas, Israel is not willing to negotiate with Fatah as Hamas is terrorism-related. Although there are some conflicts between Fatah and Hamas such as Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority Chairman refuses to share power with Hamas and military conflict (Roy 2011: 44). They both don’t reckon it as a state and hate it and most of the Palestinian desire national unity, so they decide to cooperate together (Middle East in Focus 2011). Besides, as Hamas is terrorism and it really doesn’t want Israel to exist, this causes Israel stops to negotiate with Fatah as they both may act terrorist act to Israel, affecting the security of Israel.

For international forces are not reliable to secure Jordan Valley, invasion...

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