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Why Is Authenticity Important In Rock Music?

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Throughout the decades the face of rock music has changed drastically because of a series of small events that have occurred for example, the song that saw the birth of early rock music The Comets hit Rocket 66 a 50's classic that endeared audiences with its atypical crunchy guitar tone, this was brought about by Ike Turner who dropped his guitar amplifier outside of the recording studio causing the amplifier to break and distort the sound this small accident caused Rock and Rock if we fast forward around 20 years and you have a young man called Tony Iommi working in a steel factory in Birmingham when he loses concentration severing the tips of two fingers causing him to de-tune his guitar to make it playable for his injured left hand and this spawned the birth of Heavy Metal music or is this all just a music purists point of view? or is there more to this than the cute stories and our perception that all of these outcomes could have been predetermined by previous events? could it be that we as listeners, consumers and human beings have manipulated the evolution of rock music to suit our personal tastes to feed our hunger to feel at one with the music? which leads me to authenticity. A few aspects of the criteria for music to be deemed authentic can be broken down into two main categories these are what sub genre of rock music is it and how is it related to its social class and the common behaviour within that class, for a quick example if The Sex Pistols famed for their bond with the working class turned round only to sport a posh upper/middle class accent would they have been billed as the working class heroes? or would they have been merely cast as posh boys playing loud music but with nothing to shout about. The genres of music associated with social class looks something like this but is independent to each listener
Opera, Classical and some contemporary music (Upper Class)
Alternative Rock, Pop, some upper class music and more mainstream music (Middle Class)
Rock, Punk, Pop, Rnb and Hip Hop (Working Class/Lower Class)
An artists relationship with the audience can run on many levels from the romanticism some fans feel with an artist ranges from sitting in their bedroom at fifteen with headphones on blasting their favourite album from a certain artist to connecting to them through a live performance 'An aesthetically pleasing performance is one in which the performer expresses those feelings well and in which the emotions are shared by the audience. But this is only a very partial explanation of a successful performance' (Putman, 1990). Some examples of this could The Stone Roses at Spike Island Melody Maker Magazine described their entrance 'The entrance is magnificent (how could it be otherwise?). With red lights beamed on smoke billowing all over the stage, The Stone Roses emerge to their now-familiar theme music, waving their arms like...

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