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Why Is College Education Important? Essay

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The debate on controversial topics has been going on since time began. “The debate on whether a college education is worth it may have begun when the colonists arrived from Europe and founded “New College” (later renamed Harvard University) in 1636 (College Education).” Whatever the case attaining a college education can be very beneficial to one throughout life. It can help one earn more money over a lifetime, and even can help someone live longer. Without college, the education system as we know it would be forever changed. Having a college education is something that can propel one through life and allow them to be able to reach all of their destined goals and desires. Not having a college education is something that can prevent one from reaching goals and being able to control their own life. In an ever-changing society where nothing is certain, gaining a college education can be the life saving x-factor throughout life.
Why is college education important? College education is important because someone who has graduated and attained a degree will make more money over their life than someone who just has their high school diploma. For example, a person who has their bachelor’s degree can earn up to $30,000 more than someone who just has a high school diploma (College Education). This is mainly due to the fact that having a college degree presents a wider range of opportunities and job availability. Since the mid-1980s, bachelor degree holders took home an average of 38% more than those without a degree (Education). If you put that into perspective, those with a degree could expect to earn $2.1 million over their lifetime, those without could expect to earn much less, just $1.2 million (Education). In today’s job sector many white-collar occupations require applicants to hold at least a 4-year degree (Education). Some of these highest-paying occupations include: Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer Engineering (Education). Full-time employees in these fields averaged $66,000 per year. Bachelor degree graduates in other fields earned an average of $1,066 per week, or $55,432 a year (Farnen). This is compared to those with a high school diploma earning just $652 per week, or $33,904 a year (Farnen). As you can see those with college degrees earn quite a bit more money than those without a degree. All of this supporting evidence proves the fact that those with a college degree will make more money over their lifetime than those without a degree.

In the future, more and more jobs are going to require people who have received a college degree. By 2018, 63% of all job openings are going to require workers with at least some college education (Amdur). Along with that jobs requiring a master’s degree are expected to grow the fastest from 2010 to 2020, and jobs requiring just a high school diploma are expected to experience the slowest growth over that same time period (College Education). What does this mean for workers...

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