Why Is Communication Important To Humans?

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Communication is defined as “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else.” From that description, communication can be characterized as anything that can be used to get a message or a piece of knowledge from one individual to another. Communication helps humans to function orderly and productively. Without communication, the evolution of religion, government, art, clothing and much more would not have been possible. This makes communication a major cause of the evolution of human society with the solitary purpose: to inform and provide new information to others. Communication allows us to understand and gain knowledge and understanding of information.
Communication is not possible without language and “with language, any message, no matter how complex, can be conveyed.” Communication can be anything from shouting to another person to sending an email. Forms of communication have existed in various forms since man appeared on Earth. When you start with nothing, you have lots of room for improvement. From the invention of spoken language to communicating with smoke, forms of communication took leaps of advancement before the Common Era.
Before the spoken word was commonly used to communicate, there was body language. Body language allowed people to effectively communicate with one another. Non-verbal gestures, facial expressions, and movements were used to express thoughts and feelings when the mouth was not. Later in history, a famous philosopher, politician, and scientist by the name of Francis Bacon stated that “as the tongue speaks to the ear so the gesture speaks to the eye.” Even though spoken language was yet to be used, the gestures used by early people allowed them to communicate.
When spoken language was invented and widely used, family stories were passed down orally from generation to generation. However, man still lived in groups during this time period so the information did not leave the particular group. Spoken languages also differed from area to area, so it was hard to communicate a message to a variety of people.
The oldest recorded art to date was painted on cave walls by the Neanderthals in 38,787 B.C. They are believed to be the first species to have painted in caves. Their cave paintings became a way for them to communicate with one another. Their cave paintings began to take a “manufactured format” as the symbols they painted began to actually symbolize something to numerous people. Cave paintings then became a popular form of communication.
Around 522 B.C., systems of roads were formed to allow troops and information to travel swiftly throughout the Persian Empire. The Royal Road had a total length of 2000 miles. Along the Royal Road, stopping stations were equipped with food, shelter, and replacement horses. The stopping stations allowed information to keep moving in every...

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